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01 November 2009 @ 02:07 pm
BSG fic recs  
Easier than This by leda13
Summary: Kara and her methods to wind down.

Intra by svilleficrecs
Summary: Her body is more complicated when she's near him.

Untitled K/L Rough Draft by svilleficrecs
Summary: He hadn't broken her. That much she knew.

Something Pretty by svilleficrecs
Summary: Lee's under deadline, Starbuck's being a brat, and the fate of the human race hangs in the balance.

Digging a Hole (nothing romantic about the hours we keep) by bantha_fodder
Summary: After three fourteen hour rotations in two days, Lee is so tired that he barely notices when Kara crawls into his rack with him, which considering that she knees him in his side and absconds with most of his blanket, is quite an accomplishment.

The Way We Live by walkingdaydream
Summary: Every time Lee thinks he has his feet under him, something happens. The Cylons. His father. The president. Starbuck. And the rules change, over and over again.

and from Your face I will be hidden by meyerlemon
Summary: Lee had already won: he was the smarter faster older one, the hotshot pilot, the boy their mother loved best, even if the father did not.

Two to One by plumunited
Summary: This kind of thing happens when one gives their frat pin away.

Clean by meyerlemon
Summary: Maybe Kara isn't the most traditionally feminine girl in the fleet, but she's still a girl, and she can't think of much you can say to a girl that's worse than "You stink."

Lucky at Cards by queenofthorns
Summary: Ellen Tigh may not be a Cylon, but Lee swears she's got some kind of homing beacon, because every time he turns a corner on Galactica, she's there, waiting for him, all grabby hands and insinuating voice full of smoke and ambrosia.

All the While by sloanesomething
Summary: Talking is dangerous. This is better.

Twenty Random Facts About The Battlestar Galactica by bantha_fodder
Summary: #9. There are other things to do on Galactica if you don't want to frak, gamble, or train. Sleep, for example. Eat. There's usually a game of "never ever" going on in one corner of the mess, but more often than not that degenerates into drinking and frakking, so.

Better With You Here by vegetariansushi
Summary: Breathing. She is not dead. (Cally)

Supply and Demand by sangga
Summary: The First Law of Supply and Demand extends to everything

Photographs and Touchstone by danahid
Summary: A picture is worth a thousand words.

Stupid Thing Last Night (and sequel) by stars_like_dust
Summary: Kara/Lee. Academy. Helo.

Our Pataphysical Divigation by fahye_fic
Summary: Lee lies in bed thinking about flying and about Kara and he wakes up with his hands clutching at absent controls, stale panic in his stomach from a dream of a spin he can't get out of.

Never Be Warm Again by stars_like_dust
Summary: Dee calls in the vipers and Kara flips, faces the Galactica and doesn't want to land.

Bum Wheel by spoonishly
Summary: "Deck crew's already taking bets on who you'll hit with your crutches first."

Persephone Walks by brynnmck
Summary: "Yes. And getting sick, getting me sick, and getting us both grounded was the best way to defend us all from the Cylons. Great work, Starbuck. Thank you so much."

33 Minutes by cupidsbow
Summary: A break in routine during the end of the world.

Following Seas by brynnmck
Summary: Of course, it's one thing to accept their leaving on a philosophical level, and another to actually say goodbye.

Benevolent Sibling by fahye_fic
Summary: There are no words. Crack fic at it's finest.

Happily Ever Afters (Are Not Your Absoluton) by misscam
Summary: There aren't always happy endings, even with a time machine (BSG/DW crossover).

Blind, Deaf and Dumb by alocalband
Summary: Billy doesn't know a damn thing. Really.

Measured Out in Coffee Spoons by jennyo
Summary: Time is running out, and it's the men who don't know what to do at the thought of living without her

Song of the Open Road by elly427
Summary: "When he leaves, he doesn't look back."

Halcyon Days by plumunited
Summary: "For something so complicated, this has all been amazingly simple."

Believe Them to Be True by stars_like_dust
Summary: Nobody knows the exact day Starbuck and Apollo started frakking, which is annoying because everyone wants to win the three chocolate bars Tyrol had thrown in.

Ship to Ship by brynnmck
Summary: For days, Kara walks around with the constant feeling that she's forgetting something.

Game Over (Like The Rifle Remix) by florastuart
Summary: He's not very good at this game yet.

Anatomy of a Triangle by daphnaea
Summary: I'm sorry, but we have to end this, he thinks for the thousandth time.

Decline and Fall by elzed
Summary: Lee is used to his little brother's incurably romantic streak.

Circumstance (The Remus Remix) by elly427
Summary: It's fine, he wants to say, but it's not, it's so not. He loves her enough for it not to be fine anymore.

Your Quaint Honour by voleuse
Summary: Now let us sport us while we may.

Asterism by widget285
Summary: Kara sometimes wondered how she had ever managed to become so tangled up with the complicated knot formed by the Adama men.

The Great Good by wisteria_
Summary: The worst of it was that she understood. She did. Needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few.

A Garden Enclosed by meyerlemon
Summary: "Don't stop," Kara says, and Lee, who is all out of resistance, does not.

An Island Entire by indigo419and wisteria_
Summary: "Maybe it's the end of the world or whatever, but we've still got plenty to live for."

Artemis Rising by stars_like_dust
Summary: The Word document for this was titled "Academy pilots go on a beach holiday and there is outmaking"...that should give you a hint.

Simulations by daphnaea
Summary: If there was one thing Kara Thrace was worse at than relationships, it was family, and she was already having enough trouble surviving the former without throwing the latter into the mix on top of it.

Felt Like Flying by wisteria_
Summary: "Roller coasters always did feel like flying, so you might as well be on one with him."

Weigh This Moment by stars_like_dust
Summary: He can still feel her skin underneath his fingers.
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Jen: bsg that dance we dojazzfic on November 2nd, 2009 07:12 am (UTC)
Ooh, thanks for posting these. I came back to BSG late in the piece, so there's a lot of good fic I haven't read yet. (Says a hopeless kara/lee fangirl...)
Claire: BSG // Kara and Leeclanne on November 2nd, 2009 12:19 pm (UTC)
Yay! You've come to the right place, if you're a Kara/Lee fan girl. There are even more favourites in my memories, but I thought it might be too overwhelming to post them all.