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30 November 2009 @ 07:44 am
Gilmore Girls fic recs  
Commas and Ampersands by penny_lane_42
Jess is the whole world. He's adventure and books she never would have thought of reading and ways of looking at things that she couldn't have imagined. And maybe he's the bad boy, but he's going to be a good man, or maybe already is.

Breathing by Angeleyez
Literati. Future. "He has settled into their home of quiet solitude; he enjoys it." But not the apartment seems too still. She cries, he works, and it's something like loss.

Lovely Things by Buffychick
Rory and Jess run into each other, two years after she graduates college. They've grown up, but have they moved on?

A Gradual Descent by knowhere
She refused to be a cliche, falling for the seemingly dangerous guy when she was with the safer one.

Aftermath by unfold
"She fell in love. And it was simple. It was easy. No, it wasn't easy."

Before Sunrise by rainwater tears
"And MTV sends reporters to Bahrain?" Jess and Rory in NYC.

Defending Bjork by MahliaLily
What if Rory and Jess had destroyed the snowman in "Bracebridge Dinner"? What if everything had been different?

Ever After by Angeleyez
Future Lit. Late nights, warmed up food, a shoebox apartment. She wouldn't have it any other way.

The Good One by Erin Kaye Hashet
Maybe the world really is overrated. But it doesn't matter. To Luke, this is where his world, his life, and everything about him begins and ends, although he'd never admit it.

Walking After You by Lipton Lee
"If you walk out on me...I'm walking after you..."

Three Letter Emily Gilmore Never Sent by jae_w
Emily Gilmore. You just need to write it down for yourself.

Whither by jae_w
Luke and Paris. Luke gets his Dr. Phil on.

ask me, i won't say no (how could i?) by dollsome
Sixteen, she reminds herself, was a long time ago.

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